She-Hulk Episode 8 Breakdown and Easter Eggs

She-Hulk Episode 8: Ribbit and Rip it, introduced most awaited Charlie Cox’s daredevil in his yellow suit. Hope you have already watched this episode.

Episode 8 starts with the appearance of leap-Frog who tries to prevent two robbers from stealing a tv set from an electronics store.
As a reference in the comics, Leap-Frog is actually a villain who uses high-powered springs to jump. He was caught by Daredevil during robbing a jewelry store. But his son Eugene aka Frog-Man is a hero in the comics, unlike his father.


However, in MCU, Eugene introduced himself to Jen as Leap-Frog. He needs She-Hulk’s help because he was unable to stop those robbers and his legs were injured due to malfunctioning of his suit. Jen wants to know the manufacturer’s name. Eugene told her Luke Jacobson made the suit. Unfortunately, Luke was the person who makes She-Hulk’s clothes as well.

When Jen talks to Holliway about assigning Pug to the case, he tells her that Eugene’s father Mr.Patilio is one of their biggest clients and suggests she should make an agreement with Luke to give compensation for Eugene’s injury to avoid a case file.
Then Jen visits Luke. He tells her that he never made a defective suit. He refuses to make no more suits for She-Hulk. Hence, they go to court.
Luke’s Lawyer is Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. She-Hulk breaks the 4th wall to call him an asshole. Matt reveals that the Sokovia accords have been repealed. He uses his ultra sense of smell to discover that Eugene used wrong fuel in his boosters. This proves Luke was not responsible for this fault and the case is dismissed. Luke refuses to continue working with Jen when she apologizes to him.

At legal ease, there is some conversation between Matt and Jen in a bar. Matt tells her he runs his office in Hell’s kitchen. He also encourages Jen to help people by law when society fails them while She-Hulk can help those when the law fails them.

When Matt got a phone call, Jen breaks 4th wall to ask if anyone else is noticing the chemistry between her and Matt. Matt leaves the bar to do something related to his work.

Todd texts her and says he needs legal advice. He won an authentic Wakandan Spear at an auction but now Wakanda wants that spear back. He also shouts “Wakanda Forever”. But the real reason behind the meeting was he is obsessed with she-hulk.

Eugene calls Jen to tell her that he is being attacked on his way to the Lily Pad (his famous secret lair). To help him, Jen suits up her costume for the first time that Luke made for her. Turns out it is Daredevil who is chasing Eugene. She-Hulk and Daredevil face off in a fight.

She-Hulk is able to stop daredevil with her Sonic Clap. She unmasks Daredevil and finds Matt Murdock behind the mask. A billboard for Rogers The Musical is seen hazy in the background.

Jen has never heard of Daredevil as they talk about how he can see, she calls it echolocation.
Daredevil reveals that Leap-Frog is the bad guy here who kidnapped Luke. They go together to the Lily Pad to free Luke.

Eugene demands Bulletproof Shields, a fancy AI with a British voice that talks with him from Luke.
On the lamp, there are some stickers featuring the original Leap-Frog comic art.

While Jen and Matt make plans to enter, Matt tells her that 25 goons are present there, hearing their heartbeats. Matt also flirting with She-Hulk here, telling he also hears her heartbeat which is pretty fast right now.

Daredevil tells She-Hulk to follow him and starts fighting the goons in the hallway. The cinematography in the hallway scene gives similar vibe to Netflix’s show. She-Hulk joins him with a Smash to the goons.

Leap-Frog has a frog signal like batman. There are also Frogger and Leapfrogger arcade games on his pad.

After rescuing Luke, She and Matt spent the night together. Matt leaves in the morning to go back to New York, doing the walk of shame.
Jen remarks that the episode should have ended here. Nikki shows up to help her get ready for the gala. Then Jen says oh this is a tacked-on set piece with some big twist since the finale is next week. but what kind of twists? is it there another hulk and he’s red? She is of course referring to Red Hulk.

She goes to gala to receive the award for female lawyer of the year. During her speech, Hulk King projects things onto the screen, claiming it to be the truth presented by Intelligencia. They claim she stole her power from Hulk. Captain America pictures, Dating Profile snapshots, Bank Account info, text messages, a video of her which Josh takes without her knowing plays on the screen.

She-Hulk gets angry and broke the screen. Everyone fears and runs away. She spots the guy responsible for posting the video but before she can unmask him she is surrounded by police.

Be ready for next week’s season finale with big twists. All previous episodes are streaming on Disney Plus.

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