She-Hulk Episode 9 Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Marvel Studio’s She-Hulk Episode 9 has come up with such a huge fourth wall breaking that no one has ever experienced in a tv show. As promised by Jen, the season finale gives us some breaking twists, some upcoming confirmation of MCU movies. This is your spoiler warning if you have not seen episode 9 of She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Episode 9 Breakdown and Easter Eggs

The episode opens with an 80s-style retro intro with a narrator explaining what happened to Jennifer Walters, how she become She-Hulk and how she rages including a scene of her with Bruce standing together that we’ve seen in the first trailer. She tells “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. It ends with her being labeled THE SAVAGE SHE-HULK, the name of the comic series where she-hulk was first introduced.

The Savage She-Hulk

Jen wakes up from this bad dream in the same type of cell Emil Blonsky was in at the DODC prison. Nikki, Pug, and Mallory Book have come to visit her. They called Bruce and left messages. The District Attorney won’t pursue charges but Jen has to agree to wear an inhibitor bracelet just like Blonsky.

GLK&H fired Jen. Every news channel is talking about her and reporters have surrounded her home. She moved to her parents’ home but reporters have also reached there.

In her old bedroom, there is a poster of Legally Blonde ( 2001 film) at the back of the door. On the wall by the bed, there is a poster of Erin Brockovich (2000 film), Midsummer’s Night Dream, and a couple of other posters.

Nikki comes to Jen’s parents’ home and tries to help her to find the mastermind of Intelligencia.

Bukowski, the lawyer from Jen’s old law firm, is giving an interview claiming he dated Jen for a long time and she was a psycho way before she got her superpower.

As Jen reflects on the fact that she no longer has the powers, the narrator’s voice is heard again. Jen can also hear him. She texts Smug Hulk (Bruce) but it isn’t delivered. Then she texts Emil and it doesn’t deliver either. She decides to go visit Emil.

Nikki uploads a video that Jen’s mom sent her from Jen’s college days on inteligencia. HulkKing messages Nikki inviting her to a private event tonight. She asks Pug to stand in for her because she has been pretending to be a guy.

Jen arrives at Emil’s place and is greeted by Wrecker who sets up a room for her. Jen reads some of Emil’s book Deep Haikus.

Pug and Nikki arrive at the Intelligencia party. Later reveals the party organized at Emil’s farm. The event also has his merchandise with ABOMASTE on it. Pug enters the party and follows the instructions that gives Nikki. One of the men at the party tells about Lady thor.

abomaste she hulk episode 09

Todd Phelps is also at this event and recognizes Pug. Everyone starts bashing She-Hulk. Todd reveals he is HulkKing and he created the Intelligencia.

Wrecker tells Jen, Emil is down in the Lodge for a private meeting. Todd introduces Abomination as their special guest speaker.

Jen is shocked by seeing Emil can transform into Abomination. He tells her he only does it for speaking engagements aka profit.

Pug and Nikki tell Jen who Todd really is. Todd injects himself with Jen’s synthesized blood. He turns out as a hulk and Jen wonders is this where the season was really going?

Titania busts through the wall. Abomination saves Jen when Todd Hulk attacks her. The Smart Hulk crashes the party.

Jen continues to question why all this is happening as Hulk fights Abomination. Then the screen shifts back out to the Disney+ Marvel menu. Jen breaks her inhibitor chip and puts herself into Marvel Assembled section.

She-Hulk lands backstage in her superhero outfit. A guy is talking about the infinity gauntlet. While another mentions the first Thor Movie.

She walks out of the soundstage, through the Disney Studios Burbank Lot, the Partners Statue in Legends Plaza.

There is a QR code for a free She-Hulk comic on the door and a poster of Captain America on the wall.

She-Hulk walks into the writer’s room Jessica Gao, head writer for She-hulk, is sitting at the table. they are discussing season 02.

She-Hulk argues with the writers about how the finale is going. She wants to talk to KEVIN. They all laugh and tell her it won’t happen.

She goes to the Marvel Studios offices. She signs the NDA. Security Guards try to stop her as she looks for Kevin. She enters a room with multiple screens. The Marvel Studios fanfare can be heard while various MCU scenes play out.

Kevin appears, not Kevin Feige, but K.E.V.I.N – Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnctivity Nexus. A hat-like structure is seen on K.E.V.I.N that resembles Kevin Feige. He will answer her questions but only after she goes back to Jen because CGI is expensive.

A lot of jokes about how this KEVIN’s show and that he leaves debates about perfection up to the internet. She questioned the MCU Formula and says that it is distracting her from her actual story and that her life is falling apart.

Kevin listens to her ideas and gets rid of Todd having Hulk powers. Kevin argues that Bruce was supposed to return to explain what he has been doing. She tells him to save it for the movie and that indicates the WORLD WAR HULK movie. She wants Emil to take accountability, the finale should be in the daytime, and Daredevil for her need.

Then she asks KEVIN what’s with all the daddy issues in the MCU? She then asks about X-Men. The first time X-Men heard by us. He won’t tell her but she also wants to talk about season 2 of She-Hulk.

Jen returns to the show and tells Todd she will see him in court. Titania is recording everything for her followers. Daredevil shows up. At Jen’s parent’s house, Matt Murdock is eating with her family. Smart Hulk also shows up and reveals he has a son named Skaar.

Skaar MCU

In the post-credit scene, Emil is back in his prison cell at the DODC. Wong appears and takes him back to Kamar-Taj. There is a joke about Wong being late because he was stuck in another show. Wong jokes we are in an era of peak TV. Really he is busy with cameo in MCU.

All episodes of She-Hulk season 1 are now streaming on Disney+

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