Netflix's Wednesday      Meet the Cast

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   Jenna Ortega              as     Wednesday

Wickedly cynical and allergic to color, Wednesday attempts to master her psychic vision at Nevermore Academy. Does she unravel the mystery that involved her parents decades ago ?

     Catherine Zeta-Jones                      as          Morticia Addams

A former student of Nevermore, she hopes her daughter Wednesday will follow in her footsteps.But is Moerticia hiding a long-buried secret?

         Luis Guzmán                   as        Gomez Addams

Wildly passionate about his one true love, Morticia, he'll stop at nothing to protect his family. But what is his connection to Nvermore's murky past?

      Isaac  Ordonez                   as       Pugsley Addams

Wednesday's brother is obessed with violence but has a big heart and idolises his sister. How will he cope with his partner in crime now at boarding school?

The charming head teacher was Morticia's Nevermore room-mate. Why does she have her eye on Wednesday?

   Gwendoline Chiristie 


Principal Larissa Weems

A botany expert, Miss Thornhill is Nevermore's only teacher without any supernatural power, Christina Ricci originally portrayed Wednesday in 1991 movie 'The Addams Family'

     Christina Ricci                   as  Miss Marilyn Thornhill

The cop holds a  grudge against Gomez, which puts wednesday on his radar when she transferss to Nevermore.

    Jamie McShane                  as  Sheriff Donovan Galpin

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