The Best New Shows to watch this Month

A teen has to team up with his father to save their town after an ancient and mischievous spirit causes Halloween decorations to come to life and wreck havoc

Best Friends Agatha and Sophie are sent to an enchanted school where students are trained to be either fairy-tale heroes or villains

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Anthalogy of horror stories, with 8 spine-tingling tales about our darkest thoughts and deepest fears

Romantic drama based on a bestselling memoir. An American woman (Zoe Saldana) studying in Italy falls in love with a Sicilian man.

Lucy (Jessica Raine) repeatedly wakes during the so-called 'Devil's Hour', when inexplicable events occur, including a strange connection with a killer

True story of an ICU nurse who helped to catch one of America's most profilic serial killers

A group of teens in a hospice meet up at night to tell ghost stories